Passion Fruit Bubble Tea

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Easy to make and delicious, this bubble tea pairs refreshing passion fruit with energising green tea. Topped with a dash of maple syrup and coconut milk, it's tasty and healthy too.

Passion Fruit Bubble Tea (Sugar-Free)




Time 20m



If you tried bubble tea and instantly loved it, why not giving it a go at home? It's so easy to make, and you'll need only a few ingredients. In 20 minutes or less, you could be sipping on a tall glass of delicious passion fruit bubble tea.

You can find bubble tea in countless variations, but with summer approaching, we decided to give our recipe an exotic spin. We made a blend of cold green tea, fresh passion fruit juice, and coconut milk. It's so refreshing and energising that you'll come back for more! 

For those who aren't familiar with it, bubble tea is a cold drink that originated in Taiwan. Also known as pearl milk tea, it consists of tea mixed with milk and sugar syrup. This blend is then poured into glasses with a base of cooked tapioca pearls (boba) and served with ice.

In our recipe, we used black tapioca pearls, which contain tapioca starch mixed with caramel colouring. You can find them as grey-looking balls at your local Asian store. Just pop them in a pot of boiling water and cook them following our instructions below; they will swell, soften and turn black.

To make our bubble tea recipe dairy-free, vegan, and sugar-free, we swapped sugar with a dash of maple syrup and cow milk with coconut milk drink. We also strained the pulp of fresh passion fruit to extract its delicious juice and then added it to the tea blend.

The result is a healthier and allergen-free bubble tea with an irresistible tropical flavour, sure to quench your thirst with taste. Each glass comes with over half the sugars than a classic bubble tea; it has only 130 calories and covers 12% RDI of sugars. Awesome!


  • Water
    1 L
  • Green Tea Bags
  • Black Tapioca Pearls
    120 g
  • Maple Syrup
    40 mL
  • Passion Fruits
  • Coconut Drink
    240 mL

Recipe Instructions

step 1

Boil the given water, pour it into a bowl and add the green tea bags.

Let them steep for 5 minutes, and then remove them.

Allow the green tea to cool down completely in the fridge.

step 2

Meanwhile, bring a pot of water to a boil and add the tapioca pearls.

As soon as they float to the surface, cover the pot, and cook them for 3 minutes.

Then, turn off the heat and keep the pearls inside the pot for 3 more minutes.

step 3

Now, drain the cooking water and add the pearls to a bowl filled with cold water.

Let them cool down for 20 seconds and drain the water again.

Mix the tapioca balls with maple syrup.

step 4

Scoop the pulp of the passion fruits into a fine-mesh sieve and strain the juice into a bowl.

step 5

To assemble the bubble tea, divide the tapioca balls among tall glasses and then pour in the passion fruit juice and cold green tea (1).

Finally, tip in the coconut drink, stir well, and serve with ice cubes (2).