Sugar-Free Matcha Lemonade

Pair thirst-quenching lemonade with energising matcha green tea, and you'll have a truly revitalising drink. And no need for added sugars!

Sugar-Free Matcha Lemonade Recipe


Nutrition per serving
Net Carbs1.4 g0.5%
of which Sugars0.5 g0.6%
Fibers0.5 g1.9%
Fats0.1 g0.1%
of which Saturates0 g0%
of which Omega 30 g0.4%
Proteins0.3 g0.6%
Calcium6 mg0.6%
Vitamin A0 mcg0%
Vitamin C7 mg9.9%
Iron0.2 mg1.1%
Potassium21 mg0.6%
Sodium0 mg0%
Cholesterol0 mg0%
Kcal7 0.4%
Macro split
  • net carbs 61%
  • sugars 23%
  • fats 3%
  • saturates 0%
  • proteins 13%
  • fibers 23%
*RDA based on a 2000 kcal diet;
**Nutritional data sources: USDA, food labels.
7 per serving

What if your next glass of lemonade could be both refreshing and energising? Well, this matcha lemonade is just that — and has no added sugars!

This green tea lemonade is a fun Japanese twist on the classic cloudy lemonade. You may have seen it or tried it at Starbucks, but now you can give it a go at home using three simple (and healthy) ingredients!

All you need is round green tea powder (AKA matcha), lemons, and a zero-sugar sweetener like erythritol. And if you want extra lemony flavour, add a few drops of lemon essence as we did!

Put it all together, and you'll get a truly recharging drink with a vibrant green hue. It will quench your thirst and boost your energy all in one swoop!

And it's not just delicious, but good for you too.

Once you've cut out those nasty added sugars, this iced green tea lemonade is pure health. Lemon juice loads it with vitamin C, while matcha boosts it with tons of beneficial antioxidants. Awesome!

So, grab a tall glass, have some ice cubes ready, and let's make this wonderful matcha lemonade together!

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Measuring System
Sugar-Free Sweetener Erythritol11/2 tsp
Water200 mL
Matcha Powder1/2 tsp
Lemon Juice1 tbsp
Lemon Essence1/4 tsp

Step 1

Start by making the sweet syrup base for the lemonade.

Add the sugar-free erythritol sweetener to 50 mL of warm water, stir well until dissolved, and let the syrup cool down in the fridge.

For alternatives to erythritol, check the tips below.

sweetener dissolved in water for lemonade syrup

Step 2

Next, make matcha tea.

Working in another cup, add matcha powder to 50 mL of hot water and stir well until it's fully dissolved and there are no lumps.

Then, let the tea cool down in the fridge or freezer.

matcha dissolved in water for matcha lemonade

Step 3

Now, assemble the matcha lemonade.

Mix the sweet syrup with lemon juice, lemon essence, and the remaining 100 mL of water in a serving glass or jug.

Then, pour the prepared matcha tea into the lemonade.

matcha green tea poured into lemonade in a glass

Step 4

Stir well and serve your refreshing green tea lemonade ice-cold with ice cubes and a few slices of lemon if you like.


green tea matcha lemonade in a glass with ice


  • You can swap erythritol with other sweeteners like stevia or monk fruit. But check the packet directions for substitutions, as every brand is a little different and may contain blends of various sweeteners.

  • If you don't mind a nice tangy lemonade, you can even try it without any sweetener. We tried it and liked it too!

  • Alternatively, you can replace the sweetener with regular white sugar in a 1:1 ratio if you don't need the lemonade to be sugar-free.

  • If you liked the recipe, try using limes instead of lemons for a green tea "limeade"!