Vegan Sriracha Mayo

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Make a delicious vegan sriracha mayo using our plant-based cashew cream instead of egg mayo. It's perfect as a dip for nuggets or fries and divine with veggie burgers and salads.

Vegan Sriracha Mayo with Cashews




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Our vegan sriracha mayo is a fabulous plant-based mayo substitute with a delicious sweet and spicy Thai spin. It's super easy to make at home with just a few simple ingredients.

If it's your first time hearing about it, you may wonder what is sriracha mayo exactly?

Well, it's a silky and spicy sauce with a bright orange hue that results from mixing sriracha sauce with mayonnaise.

But wait a second: mayo is not vegan! So how can you make sriracha mayo vegan?

The zero-effort way is by replacing egg-mayo with store-bought vegan mayo.

Sure that's easy and convenient, but you'll still load up on just as many fats, not to mention those additives and other nasty ingredients.

If instead, you want to use a healthier, low-fat, and wholesome vegan mayo, we'll show you how to do it using cashews and a few other natural ingredients.

Cashew mayo works miracles as a vegan mayo alternative in many recipes, including this sriracha mayo sauce. And if you want to know all the ins and outs of it, check our original vegan cashew mayo recipe.

Once ready, combine the cashew cream with sriracha sauce, and you'll have the tastiest sriracha cashew mayo ever.

Let's get started!

NOTE: The default ingredients yield 220g (8 oz) of sauce and one serving consists of 28g (1 oz)of sauce.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is classic sriracha mayo vegan?

Classic sriracha mayo is not vegan because it's a sauce prepared with mayonnaise which itself contains eggs.

However, a few brands making sriracha mayo make it vegan by using soybean oil instead of eggs.

But if you want to make it yourself, then keep reading this recipe and learn how to make egg-free oil-free and vegan sriracha mayo.

Is this spicy cashew mayo healthy?

Yes, this spicy cashew mayo is a healthy alternative to the store-bought sriracha mayo sauce.

That's because we substituted the classic high-fat mayonnaise with low-fat cashew mayo.

Our vegan cashew mayo recipe has no eggs or oil, just raw cashews and some seasoning.

Cashews have practically half the fats compared to oil, they have way less saturated fats than eggs and provide fibres as well.

This means your sriracha mayo will contain a fraction of fats and will be a healthier choice.

What's the sriracha to mayo ratio to make sriracha mayo?

When you make sriracha mayo at home, use the sriracha to mayo ratio of 1:3. This means 1 part of sriracha sauce for every 3 parts of mayonnaise.

For example, you can make a jar of this sauce mixing 60g (2 oz) of sriracha with 180g (6.5 oz) of vegan mayo.

How do you make sriracha mayo vegan?

You can make a vegan alternative to sriracha mayo by replacing egg mayonnaise with plant-based mayo or cashew cream.

Sriracha mayo is basically a mix of Thai sriracha sauce and mayonnaise.

Sriracha sauce is already vegan, so you just have to swap egg-based mayo with a vegan alternative.

You can use store-bought vegan mayonaise or prepare a healthy and low-fat vegan mayo alternative using just raw cashew nuts.

Does sriracha mayo have dairy?

Sriracha mayo doesn't contain dairy as it's prepared with just Thai sriracha sauce and mayonnaise. This means the classic sauce contains only eggs but no dairy.

If you want to make sriracha mayo also egg-free, you can swap mayo with our super easy vegan cashew mayo.

How hot is sriracha mayo?

Sriracha mayo is just slightly spicy and definitely milder than sriracha sauce alone. That's because it contains only 25% of sriracha, and the remaining is just mayonnaise.

Also, sriracha sauce is already a mild spicy sauce and ranks well below other spicy sauces like Tabasco.

So, when you mix sriracha with mayo, you'll get a lightly spiced sauce that is rich, sweet, garlicky, and not too hot.

What can you do with this vegan sriracha mayonnaise?

Sriracha mayo is good in many Thai, Chinese, and Japanese dishes like sushi, stir-fries, poke bowls, noodles, and tempura.

You can try it as a filling in our vegan crunchy California rolls or drizzle it over our plant-based "ebi" mayo.

This sauce is also great in dishes like salads, burgers, tacos, fries, nuggets, and roasted potatoes.

Give it a go with your favourite veggie burger, or use it as a dip for tofu nuggets, Japanese pumpkin croquettes, or eggplant fries.


  • Cashew Nuts
    100 g
  • Lemon Juice
    1 tbsp
  • Water
    2 tbsp
  • Dijon Mustard
    1 tsp
  • Salt
    0.5 tsp
  • Sriracha Sauce
    50 g
Allergens are marked in bold

Recipe Instructions

step 1

Add the cashew nuts to a bowl and cover them with warm water.

Then, let them soak at room temperature for a minimum of 4 to 5 hours. But if you can, leave them overnight for 8 to 12 hours for best results.

It's very important you soak the cashews properly, or they won't get soft enough to blend into a smooth mayo.

In our vegan cashew mayo recipe, you can find more tips and tricks if you need extra help or info.

step 2

Now, drain and rinse the softened cashews and add them to a food processor.

Tip in the lemon juice, water, Dijon mustard, and salt.

Blitz all for 2-4 minutes, scraping the sides of the blender a few times in between pulses.

Keep blending the nuts until they turn into a perfectly smooth mayo without bits.

step 3

Now that your vegan cashew mayo is ready, transfer it into a pot and stir in the sriracha sauce.

Mix well until the sriracha is incorporated and you have a bright orange sauce.

Store your vegan sriracha mayo in a clean tight-seal jar in the fridge, and enjoy it in sushi, burgers, tacos, with fries or as a dip.


Store-bought sriracha mayo usually contains some added sugar. So, if you prefer your homemade version a little sweeter, you can tip in some maple syrup, dates syrup, or sugar-free erythritol. But suggest you try our version first before adding any sweetener as we think it's already good as it is.