Cucumber Ginger Lemon Water

This quick 5-minute lemon water is infused with sliced ginger root and cucumber. It's perfect as a refreshing lemonade to sip on those hot days or as detox water to have before breakfast.

Cucumber Ginger Lemon Water


Nutrition per serving
Net Carbs3.5 g1.3%
of which Sugars1.3 g1.4%
Fibers1.2 g4.2%
Fats0.2 g0.2%
of which Saturates0 g0.2%
of which Omega 30 g0.8%
Proteins0.6 g1.3%
Calcium13 mg1.3%
Vitamin A2 mcg0.3%
Vitamin C13 mg17.7%
Iron0.3 mg1.9%
Potassium114 mg3.2%
Sodium2 mg0.1%
Cholesterol0 mg0%
Kcal18 0.9%
Macro split
  • net carbs 64%
  • sugars 23%
  • fats 3%
  • saturates 1%
  • proteins 11%
  • fibers 22%
*RDA based on a 2000 kcal diet;
**Nutritional data sources: USDA, food labels.
18 per serving

Fancy a refreshing drink with excellent detox properties that is ready in less than 5 minutes? Well, here is our cucumber, ginger, and lemon water recipe!

You can prepare this cleansing drink either on the spot or the night before. It is best enjoyed cold from the fridge, so we suggest you store it there before serving.

But before you go ahead and read the steps below, here are a few nutrition facts about this recipe.

Cucumbers give a cool kick to this drink and also provide a source of potassium. This mineral is crucial for regulating the electrolyte balance in your system, keeping blood pressure in check [1]. Also, this low-calorie vegetable boosts your hydration as it's made of 95% water[2].

Fresh ginger root makes this lemon water burst with a spicy, peppery aroma and also adds precious antioxidants.

As ginger helps fight inflammation, it's a crucial ingredient in this recipe to boost the detox properties of this drink.

Finally, lemons add a fresh, tangy flavour to this cucumber water and enrich it with vitamin C, antioxidants, and potassium.

Vitamin C is an essential water-soluble nutrient that needs to be replenished every day to keep a healthy immune system and glowing skin.

Drinking a tall glass of this flavoured water first thing in the morning and throughout the day is a great way to stay hydrated and reach your daily fluids needs.

Also, sipping this drink supports those cleansing processes in your system, flushing away toxins and chemicals.

Pair this cucumber water with a fibre-rich diet to unlock the full potential of all its detox benefits!

And if you're looking for more healing and restorative drink ideas, try this no-sugar green tea lemon water, fresh ginger and turmeric root juice, or homemade electrolyte drink.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best time to drink this cucumber water?

As this lemonade is great both as a refreshing drink and as detox water, you can actually sip it any time of day.

For example, on those hot summer days, keep it in the fridge and add a few ice cubes before serving it, for a flavoured drink to cool you down.

If instead, you're preparing this ginger lemonade for its beneficial, cleansing properties, we recommend you leave it to infuse overnight and then sip it first thing in the morning before having breakfast. Make sure the drink isn't cold from the fridge as this would be a bit of a shock for your stomach. Instead, add a splash of warm water or leave it at room temperature during the night.

Is this cucumber ginger water good for weight loss?

Sipping this flavoured lemon water can help you reach your daily fluid needs and also lose weight.

Drinking this lemonade before a meal or throughout the day will make you feel fuller, thus helping you eat less food or consume smaller servings.

Also, often, when you feel hungry, it's just your body telling you you're getting dehydrated. So drinking a tall glass of water, like this cucumber water, is a great way to introduce fewer calories when you have food cravings.

Moreover, studies have shown that your body metabolism is slightly higher after drinking water, as your system tries to warm up the ingested water[3]. You'll be burning extra calories for about one hour, all just with a glass of water!

Therefore, this quick cucumber drink is definitely a cheap and easy recipe to add to your daily diet if you're trying to lose weight.

What else can I add to this detox water?

We have prepared this recipe with lemon, cucumber, and ginger. As we haven't used any mint, you can definitely add a few leaves and leave to them infuse along with the other ingredients. Mint will give an even fresher flavour to this lemonade, plus extra antioxidants [4].

Also, you can try adding a rosemary sprig or some fresh basil leaves.

If you feel more adventurous, then pop in a pinch of cinnamon, cloves, or turmeric and stir well until dissolved.

Check out our detox spirulina lemonade or lavender lemonade for more inspiration.


Measuring System
Fresh Ginger Root30 g
Unwaxed Lemons1
Water1 L

Step 1

Let's start by peeling and slicing the fresh ginger root.

Then, rinse and thinly slice the unwaxed lemons and cucumber.

For the ginger and cucumber, you can use a sharp knife, a mandolin slicer, or a potato peeler to get fine strips.

Sliced ginger, lemon, and cucumber

Step 2

Now, transfer the prepared fruit and vegetables to a large jug or pitcher.

Then, pour in filtered or bottled water and stir well.

Cucumber ginger lemon water in a jug

Step 3

Leave the lemon water to infuse for at least two hours at room temperature or in the fridge.

If you can, refrigerate it overnight to let the cucumber and ginger release all their flavour.

Cucumber ginger lemon water in a glass


  • Boiling the ginger slices and crushing the lemon and cucumber slices can help to release more beneficial nutrients from these ingredients.

  • Store this cucumber water in the fridge for a refreshing drink or keep it at room temperature if you're drinking it first thing in the morning.

  • Remove the lemon, ginger, and cucumber slices after 12 hours of infusion or they will start to spoil.