Gluten-Free Vegan Applesauce Cookies



of which Sugars11.6g12.9%
of which Saturates1.3g6.5%
* All data is per serving
Gluten Free Vegan Applesauce Cookies Recipe Preview







Chewy, nutty, and bursting with flavour, these vegan applesauce cookies will surely become your new breakfast favourites! With just a few wholesome ingredients like oats, nuts, and dried berries, they are so easy and quick to prepare.

With only 130kcal per cookie, these soft applesauce cookies are vegan, gluten-free, and refined sugar-free, making a healthy choice for those who wants to cut down on sugars or looking for a recipe prepared with whole foods.

Oats are rich in fibres including cholesterol-lowering beta-glucans. Make sure you use jumbo rolled oats as they are minimally processed thus slowly releasing energy in your body preventing spikes in blood sugars.

Almonds and hazelnut add rich nutty flavour to these vegan oatmeal cookies. They also provide fibres, vitamins, and plant-based proteins. Whilst blackcurrants are high in antioxidants and vitamin C, boosting your immune system and overall health.

Applesauce is a great fat substitute in baked goods and will keep them moist and soft. Also, preparing sugar-free cookies with applesauce means fewer calories and more fibre for you!

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NOTE: The default ingredients yield about 12 cookies and one serving consists of 2 cookies. 


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ALLERGY ADVICE: For allergens, see ingredients in bold
Jumbo Rolled Oats100 g
Almond Flour100 g
Baking Powder1 tsp
Salt1 pinch
Almonds25 g
Hazelnuts25 g
Almond Milk4 tbsp
Maple Syrup40 g
Sugar-Free Applesauce50 g
Blackcurrants50 g

step 1

Before you prepare these vegan cookies, check out our baking guide for our best baking tips and tricks!

In a mixing bowl, combine the oat flakes, almond flour, baking powder, salt, and chopped almonds and hazelnuts.

Then, add the almond milk, maple syrup, applesauce, and dried blackcurrants.

Step 1 Image 1

step 2

Work the ingredients until they come together into a cookie dough.

The dough is ready if a pinch of the mixture stays in one incorporated ball when pushed together. Otherwise, add a splash of cold water or milk. You should have a soft and moist batter, but not too sticky. If needed, add flour or almond milk to reach the right consistency.

Refrigerate the dough for 20 minutes in a bowl covered with a tea towel.

Next, scoop a spoonful of cookie dough, roll it in the palm of your hands, and flatten it down on a baking tray covered with parchment paper. Press with your fingertips to spread the cookie and give it a nice round shape.

Repeat this step until you have used all the dough.

Step 2 Image 1

step 3

Bake the cookies at 180°C for 20 minutes or until they are lightly golden.

Avoid over baking the biscuits as they will continue cooking for a short while after they 're out of the oven.

Next, transfer them over a wire rack to let them crisp up as they cool down.

Enjoy these healthy vegan applesauce cookies with our superfood spirulina latte!

Step 3 Image 1

Foodacious Tips

  • You can make your own almond flour by blitzing almonds into a fine powder in a food processor.

  • Instead of blackcurrants, you could use Goji berries, dried blueberries, or even chocolate chips.